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Still More Female Dog Names

Some More Female Dog Names.

You have come to this site looking for female dog names, and that can only mean one thing, you have a new addition to your family, or are about to. So what sort of breed did you choose.

We have covered Terriers, Labradors, Shih Tzu’s, and Chihuahuas, in these articles, but one of the most loved and respected breeds of dog, and one of the most popular is the German Shepherd, and next to the Labrador, it is the most popular breed in the big dog stakes, and for good reason, as you will see if you ever have the good fortune to get to know one of these magnificent examples of canine development.

The German Shepherd is a hard working, powerful dog, that has a larger than life attitude, and a ton of intelligence, and it is one of the most loyal breeds you can find. Choosing a name for your German Shepherd, will not be an easy task, as this big dog, with its big heart, and its bigger than life attitude, will need a big name full of character that will suit it perfectly.

This can only be down as we have already covered by watching how your puppy acts, and behaves, because her name must be a great one.

I have been scanning the files for some decent, attractive female dog names, with an accent on strong, that may help you make a decision, see what you think.

  • Adelle, Ava, Avita, Belva, Blanca, Brandy, Brita, Bulah, Chelsea, Dietrich, Ella, Donner, Elsa
  • Enya, Eve, Hannah, Kiera, Lisa, Lola, Lucy, Meg, Millie, Misha, Missy, Mitzy, Molly, Opal, Pasha
  • Pearl, Penny, Raven, Rona, Rosa, Sabine, Sable, Sandy, Wilma, Cassie, Dalena, Audz, Zanella.
  • Arabella, Desdemona, Grizabella, Esmeralda, Molokai, Octavia, Cleopatra.

These next ones have some meanings with them which may be of some help also.

  • Alison – Of noble birth
  • Brigitte – Strong spirited
  • Elke – Noble and kind
  • Elsa – Noble
  • Emily – Industrious
  • Gerda – Means protector
  • Gretchen – Little pearl
  • Heidi – Noble and kind
  • Hexe – Witch * Hexen – To do magic * Kirsche – Cherry * Kristall – Very precious * Nixe – A mermaid or sprite
  • Steffi – A garland or crown * Sternchen – little star

As the name indicates, the German Shepherd breed originated in Germany, and is also commonly referred to as an Alsatian. Its origins go back to 1899, and was genetically designed for herding. The German Shepherd, because of its intelligence, strength, and obedience, has been a very successful addition to police forces, and the military, all over the world.

They can, and have been, trained in bomb detection, and have an excellent record in the police force for tracking, and apprehending criminals in the field, their have been many dog handlers in forces across the globe that have lost their loyal workers when they were shot in the line of duty, so you see, you can not just find any old female dog names, and hope to achieve the result instantly.

Below are some very worthy and strong names that I thought were a little bit more classy to help you make a decision.


Calypso * Sea nymph    Akira *  Brightness                         Ishta * Class above    

 Mai Tai * Good               Vixen * Female fox                     Luna * Moon

Bijou * Jewel                 Anna * Grace                                     Fleur * Flower

Kobe * Joy                    Strega * Witch                                   Adira * Powerful

Asima * Defender           Adela * Noble                                   Adelmira * Nobly famous

Eugenia * Well born       Imelda * All warrior                       Maribel * Rebellious

Perlita * Pearl                Urbi * Princess                                 Yenee * Mine

Yuna * Good looking       Nafula * Born in the rain              Rudo * Love

They look a little better and there are some good strong names in there.

The German Shepherd has the appearance of a wolf, but is not related in any way, and for many years laid claim to being the most popular dog in America, and although it no longer leads the race, it is still among those most popular. The Make up of these dogs, means that they prefer to get to know someone slowly, and because of its protective qualities, does not react well to being crept up on or being surprised when it is sleeping.

It will take you a while to gain the trust of your new dog, but when you do, you have a friend, and companion for life. At the end of the day they are real people pleaser’s, who make great family dogs. German Shepherds love exercise and training, because it suits their intelligent makeup, and when I try to find a word that best describes the breed it would have to be something like noble.

Well I think that we have covered all the things that you may need to know when you are starting out with a new dog, and with some luck, I have touched on the breed that you have chosen.

Remember the basics that you have read here while you are choosing a name for your new family member, and do not loose sight of the important things like personality, color, attitude, and anything else that you think will help you reach a name, you will be surprised at just how much you can learn about your new pet, by just sitting back and watching.

It’s up to you now, you came to this site to look for female dog names, but I hope you have gone away with a better understanding of how to achieve this on your own. Good Luck.

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