Female Dog Names

Female Dog Names

If you are here looking for female dog names, then you have either just chosen, and received into your heart and home, your new baby girl, or, you have made the decision to get a new puppy, and have decided on a girl, whichever it is, you are in for the experience of a lifetime.

It is a very important time for you, and anyone else in your family, when you are choosing a new pet, or as you should look at it, a new family member, and you need to be very sure that you have made the right choice. Choosing your new puppies name is also an important part of this because your new puppy will have this name for the rest of their lives, and so their name needs to suit their look, and character. Every dog, like us, is unique in their own special way, and their name should reflect this.

There are lots of guidelines that you can use to help you choose the perfect name, and once you have gone through them you will see what I mean. Make yourself a list, you can start with color. Look at your puppy and see what name you would give to her coat or color, for instance, she may be brown, but what sort of brown is she. Then watch how she moves around, does she bounce around really springy, or does she race everywhere, are you beginning to see what I mean.

Now watch what other little things she does, this is where her character comes into play. Nearly all puppies are bouncy and love to run and play, then curl up in a little ball in their bed, or on your lap, but there are other things that we overlook, such as, does she go crazy chasing her tail, or, when she is tired does she come straight to you, or another member of the family to curl up on, rather than go to her bed.

From this you can tell how independent she is, or how affectionate she is going to be, and all these things are important enough for you to consider, when you are choosing her name. I am sure that if you just give these things a try, you will see how easy it will be to choose the perfect name for your new baby girl. Of course, if you have gone to a breeder, or if you have been promised a puppy from someones litter, you will not be in a position to do these things, but you will probably be visiting your new puppy when she is born, and you will notice lots of things that will help you choose a name.

Now that you know the basics, choosing a name will be a fun task, and not as scary as you thought, also there are plenty of ideas out there if you need a hand. I have found a list of the top ten female dog names have a read and see what you think, because after all of the ideas I have given you examples of, you may still want to get some other ideas.

Angel ** Bo ** Blossom ** Cassie ** Coco ** Diamond ** Elsa

Lola ** Sadie ** Tinkerbell

Another little tip here is not to choose a name that is too long. Doing this will result in you shortening the name, or using a nickname because the name you chose was too much of a mouthful. Also never pick a name that may sound too much like a command, these can end up sounding harsh and negative and your dog will pick up on this.

Another rule that you should keep in mind is to try not to give your new dog a name that sounds similar to another family members name, or a favorite relative that may visit often, the reason for this is that the names can become indistinguishable when they are being used constantly, and your puppy will just find it very confusing, and this in turn will make training her harder, and you also need to remember that you should always call your dog by the name you have given her, the reason for this being that to your dog, this is like a recording, and they learn to train their command responses to that.

Below are some other name ideas if you wish to have a look, but to me female dog names are very much better when they are suited to your dogs own persona.
























































































































































I trust this first part of our introduction to female dog names has been of some help. Don’t leave our site just yet though, because we have lots of other ideas and tips for you, to help you in the choosing of your puppys name.

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Breeds And Female Dog Names

Breeds And Female Dog Names.

So you are going to get yourself a new addition to the family, and you have decided that the breed of dog your new puppy is going to be is a Chihuahua, and so here we are looking for female dog names.

Chihuahuas are one of the most popular dog breeds today because they are small, easy to look after, and can be kept inside, which makes them excellent companions. Chihuahuas have earned the name of smallest dog breed in the world because they are so tiny. The chihuahua, is a lively little dog that has loads of love and affection for their owners, and they are perfectly at home in an apartment, or a huge house, although the chihuahua is more favored because of its suitability to apartment living, which has become the popular choice of many of todays city dwellers.

The points we covered in our first article on how to choose your puppys name, still very much applies here, so remember the important things to look for like, color, character, and other little quirks, that go to giving your new baby a name that will grow with her. I am sure that when you chose a chihuahua, you were aware that this breed of dog does not have a very good track record with children, especially younger ones. The reason for this is that they do not take kindly to being roughly handled, which can happen quite innocently with young children, and they can get rather nippy in this instance.

The poor chihuahua, has had a bit of a bad run of names in the past, due to it being just so cute, and also the types of owners that have, in the past favored this breed, have thought it chic to name their dog something outrageous, but I still think that your dogs name should reflect their personality.

When you hear someones name, you mentally make a picture in your mind of that person, and how you think that they should act, well your dog is no different, and naming a little short haired chihuahua, fluffy, just doesn’t cut it, or a name like amazon when your dog weighs only three kilos and is six to ten centimeters high, if you see what I mean.

When you come to choosing female dog names that may suit your chihuahua, it is just that important. I have added a little list below, in case you need some inspiration, some of them are a little precious but you can change them to suit.

Angel, Athena, Bambi, Baya, Bebe, Bella,Blondie, Boo Boo, Bubby,Bunny, Candy, CeCe,ChaCha, Chilla, Coco,Deedee, Duchess, FeFe,Foxy, Geisha, GiGi,Gucci, Hope, India,Indigo, Jasmine,Lola,Lolita,Mercedes,Muffin, Paris,Peaches,Pepsi,Princess,Queenie, Sheena,Sheena,Skittles,SweetPea,Tequila, Tinkerbell,Twinkie,Yasmine,Zoe,Zuffa.

Another thing you may want to consider now that you have chosen to get a chihuahua, is that this little fireball hails from Mexico, and because of this, has history dating back as far as the fifth century A.D. It is thought that Spanish invaders in the 16th century brought with them miniature Chinese dogs, which they crossed with a larger Aztec dog like the chihuahua, and that is how the breed started.

The only downfall to this breed is that they are fairly susceptible to illnesses like hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, and ear and eye infections. Because of their size,they are also more prone to injuries, and need to be treated accordingly when it comes to stairs, or rocky areas when walking, but probably the most important thing you need to remember is that they can not tolerate low temperatures for very long, and the use of a nice warm coat is more than just a fashion statement to the chihuahua.

The Terrier Breed

Next to the chihuahua, a terrier is also one of the most loved and chosen dog breeds for a pet that there is today, and if you are at this site you obviously have a girl, or have decided on a girl.

Choosing female dog names is the same for any puppy or dog that you get, and we have covered all these reasons in these first articles so far, go check them out.

So you’ve chosen a terrier, what a great choice, and there are so many wonderful names that would probably suit your puppy that you will have a load of fun just trying to get the right one. A terrier is an amazing breed of dog and there are more than twenty eight different breeds to choose from, like the Jack Russell Terrier, The Scottish Terrier, two different types of Fox terrier, the Wire Haired, and the Smooth. Then there is the Schnauzer, and the Bull Terrier, The American Staffordshire Terrier, and on it goes.

The terrier is a very smart vivacious dog. The breed was originally used to hunt rats and other rodent type pests, but of course as they showed themselves to be the wonderful pets and companions that they have become, they were used less and less for this, and are now the almost typical choice for the family dog. I have again used some examples that I found for you to have a look at because they are really good terrier names, but remember the guidelines, and still try to name your new girl something that will be entirely her.

Abigail,  Adelaide,  Adrian,  Agnes,  Alhaja,  Alison,  Aileen,  Angelika,  Ann,  Annie,  Arette,

Barbara,  Beatrice,  Beatrix,  Belinda,  Bilka,  Berta,  Brita,  Charlotte,  Cocomo,  Daphne,  Dolores,

Elspeth,  Emily,  Esther,  Fiona,  Francesca,  Gabrielle,  Harriet,  Helena,  Henrietta,  Hilda,  Isabel,  Jenny,  Jo,

Judy,  Klegra,  Laurie,  Lillie,  Lisa,  Lucinda   Lucy,  Marilla,  Marina,  Miranda,  Myka,  Natalie,  Olivia,

Polly,  Sally,  Selva,  Serena,  Shaina,  Shinsei,  Sophia,  Summer,   Susannah,  Vena,  Violette,  Willow,

Yuki,  Yukon,  Zorra.

So there you have it, female dog names for your terrier, but if I was you, I would give this a bit more thought, because as we have already agreed, your new puppy is going to have this name for a very long time.

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More Female Dog Names

More Female Dog Names

A beautiful, cuddly, funloving bundle has just arrived in your home in the form of a little Labrador puppy, and here you are checking out female dog names, I must say, a Labrador is a great choice of dog, and you are going to love the next few years with this lovely creature.

Your first job after settling your new baby girl in, is to choose her a name that is just for her and suits her personality. In the first article on this site, we went into great detail on how to do this properly, so that you will find a really good name for your puppy that she can grow up with, so please just go back and have a quick read of that section.

I have put a few names further down this page that are supposed to be the most popular female dog names of the moment, but I urge you to try to be a little more creative with your puppy, and find her a name that is hers alone. Labradors are a wonderful, faithful, loving, intelligent breed that will brighten up your life, and make you wonder how you managed to go this long without ever getting to know one. They are easy to train, are wonderful with children, and are the most affectionate pets you could ever have, and with all these attributes do you not think it is worth taking the time to choose the perfect name.

Labradors are, and always have, made it to the top ten list of most popular dog breeds consistently year after year. They are strong dogs that have a dense, short coat, and are normally known for two types, the Golden Labrador, and the Black Labrador, and they are both beautiful looking animals. The female Labrador grows up to about 21 to 24 inches and weighs from around 55 to 70 pounds. Although they are well known for their bark, it is very rare, if ever, that they would bite, or attack anyone, but just because they are one of the most placid breeds of dog out there, does not mean that you can take their placid nature for granted. Remember that they need lots of human companionship to stop them getting bored, which can make them a little destructive. Your Labrador will love to swim and run, so if it is at all possible, take them swimming whenever you can, and they most certainly need a good long walk every day.

The Labrador is a great choice for a family pet. They can handle the odd push and tail pull, and even though they are great with this, it is never a good idea to leave a small child alone in the room with them unattended, or any dog for that matter.

Coming up with female dog names is easy, but as I said the hard part is choosing that special one, and you have probably had some running through your mind while you have been reading this, so go and make your choice and good luck. Here is the list below that I promised earlier.

Autumn * Alexis * Babe * Cassidy * ,Coco, * Daisy * Daphne * Duchess * Ebony

Eira * Ella * Faith * Friday * Gemini * Gina * Grace * Hallie * Hazel * Holly

Ieesha * Ivana * Jasmine * Jo * Juni * Kara * Kassie * Lady * Laila * Lola

Maggie * Misha * Misty * Mitsy * Maya * Nyasa * Natasha * Odele * Oliana

Page * Pebbles * Queeny * Rene * Ruby * Sandy * Scarlet * Sheeba

Star * Tara * Tess * Tia * Vanilla * Violet * Xena * Zania * Zeta * Ziggy.

The Shih Tzu

The next breed that you may need some information on, if you have decided to add this pet to your life is the sweet little Shih Tzu. What an adorable little dog they are, with their shaggy look, and their big black eyes. They are the perfect pet. Originally from China, the Shih Tzu very rarely grows any bigger than ten or eleven inches in height at most, and although they are only tiny, their name means “Lion Dog” in Chinese, and they have the heart to match. Looking for female dog names will not help you here, because these little dogs definitely need you to choose their name just for them, and only them. The name that you pick for your little Shih Tzu girl has to be sweet, but strong, and remember, she will have it for always, so think long and hard about this, because the one thing you can never do to an intelligent dog, is change their name if you think you may have got it wrong.

The long fur on the little Shih Tzu comes in many shades and colors of the same hue. The great thing about Shih Tzu’s is that they do not shed their fur, so it makes them an ideal pet for people that are allergic to dog hair, the down side to this though is that the little dog needs to be groomed on a regular basis, due to the fact that their fur grows at a fairly rapid rate. But if you have just got yourself one of these adorable creatures, you will have started looking for adorable female dog names, and I am hoping that before you make up your mind, you will read the information we have put together for you in these articles.

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Still More Female Dog Names

Some More Female Dog Names.

You have come to this site looking for female dog names, and that can only mean one thing, you have a new addition to your family, or are about to. So what sort of breed did you choose.

We have covered Terriers, Labradors, Shih Tzu’s, and Chihuahuas, in these articles, but one of the most loved and respected breeds of dog, and one of the most popular is the German Shepherd, and next to the Labrador, it is the most popular breed in the big dog stakes, and for good reason, as you will see if you ever have the good fortune to get to know one of these magnificent examples of canine development.

The German Shepherd is a hard working, powerful dog, that has a larger than life attitude, and a ton of intelligence, and it is one of the most loyal breeds you can find. Choosing a name for your German Shepherd, will not be an easy task, as this big dog, with its big heart, and its bigger than life attitude, will need a big name full of character that will suit it perfectly.

This can only be down as we have already covered by watching how your puppy acts, and behaves, because her name must be a great one.

I have been scanning the files for some decent, attractive female dog names, with an accent on strong, that may help you make a decision, see what you think.

  • Adelle, Ava, Avita, Belva, Blanca, Brandy, Brita, Bulah, Chelsea, Dietrich, Ella, Donner, Elsa
  • Enya, Eve, Hannah, Kiera, Lisa, Lola, Lucy, Meg, Millie, Misha, Missy, Mitzy, Molly, Opal, Pasha
  • Pearl, Penny, Raven, Rona, Rosa, Sabine, Sable, Sandy, Wilma, Cassie, Dalena, Audz, Zanella.
  • Arabella, Desdemona, Grizabella, Esmeralda, Molokai, Octavia, Cleopatra.

These next ones have some meanings with them which may be of some help also.

  • Alison – Of noble birth
  • Brigitte – Strong spirited
  • Elke – Noble and kind
  • Elsa – Noble
  • Emily – Industrious
  • Gerda – Means protector
  • Gretchen – Little pearl
  • Heidi – Noble and kind
  • Hexe – Witch * Hexen – To do magic * Kirsche – Cherry * Kristall – Very precious * Nixe – A mermaid or sprite
  • Steffi – A garland or crown * Sternchen – little star

As the name indicates, the German Shepherd breed originated in Germany, and is also commonly referred to as an Alsatian. Its origins go back to 1899, and was genetically designed for herding. The German Shepherd, because of its intelligence, strength, and obedience, has been a very successful addition to police forces, and the military, all over the world.

They can, and have been, trained in bomb detection, and have an excellent record in the police force for tracking, and apprehending criminals in the field, their have been many dog handlers in forces across the globe that have lost their loyal workers when they were shot in the line of duty, so you see, you can not just find any old female dog names, and hope to achieve the result instantly.

Below are some very worthy and strong names that I thought were a little bit more classy to help you make a decision.


Calypso * Sea nymph    Akira *  Brightness                         Ishta * Class above    

 Mai Tai * Good               Vixen * Female fox                     Luna * Moon

Bijou * Jewel                 Anna * Grace                                     Fleur * Flower

Kobe * Joy                    Strega * Witch                                   Adira * Powerful

Asima * Defender           Adela * Noble                                   Adelmira * Nobly famous

Eugenia * Well born       Imelda * All warrior                       Maribel * Rebellious

Perlita * Pearl                Urbi * Princess                                 Yenee * Mine

Yuna * Good looking       Nafula * Born in the rain              Rudo * Love

They look a little better and there are some good strong names in there.

The German Shepherd has the appearance of a wolf, but is not related in any way, and for many years laid claim to being the most popular dog in America, and although it no longer leads the race, it is still among those most popular. The Make up of these dogs, means that they prefer to get to know someone slowly, and because of its protective qualities, does not react well to being crept up on or being surprised when it is sleeping.

It will take you a while to gain the trust of your new dog, but when you do, you have a friend, and companion for life. At the end of the day they are real people pleaser’s, who make great family dogs. German Shepherds love exercise and training, because it suits their intelligent makeup, and when I try to find a word that best describes the breed it would have to be something like noble.

Well I think that we have covered all the things that you may need to know when you are starting out with a new dog, and with some luck, I have touched on the breed that you have chosen.

Remember the basics that you have read here while you are choosing a name for your new family member, and do not loose sight of the important things like personality, color, attitude, and anything else that you think will help you reach a name, you will be surprised at just how much you can learn about your new pet, by just sitting back and watching.

It’s up to you now, you came to this site to look for female dog names, but I hope you have gone away with a better understanding of how to achieve this on your own. Good Luck.

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